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Rhubarb Solutions - a UK manufacturer of chairs and soft seating dedicated to creating quality seating for every environment.

All our soft seating is manufactured at our headquarters in Oxfordshire from 100% recyclable materials. Our cores are made from 18mm FSC®-compliant board. Our ranges are modular, flexible, designed for style, comfort and durability. They will fit wherever you wish to place them. We can manufacture to your requirements where a bespoke solution is needed – just call us to discuss.

Rhubarb’s office seating provides a wide range of styles and value. The common denominator is that every chair is designed with good posture in mind first and foremost – most of us spend too much time sitting at a desk or terminal, and providing the best possible support for the back and lumbar, at every price point, is vital.
For those who work in call centres and other 24/7 environments, specialised seating is required. Rhubarb has assembled a small range of chairs which have been tested for 24 hour use and are specifically designed to deliver the comfort and support needed to meet those demands.

Rhubarb manufactures some of the best bariatric seating available. This range of chairs for bariatric patients and larger users enables all organisations to fulfil their obligation to provide equipment for their employees that is fit for purpose and allows them to undertake their work safely. Our swivel and 4-leg bariatric chairs are certified to accommodate weights up to 50 stone.

Our extensive range of multipurpose chairs and stools delivers both style and functionality in a wide variety of settings, from office or café, to education and healthcare.

Rhubarb has a range of industrial seating that is best in class. Combining the comfort and ergonomic needs of the individual with the demands of industrial or technical environments requires a specialist approach - we have assembled a range of seating designed and constructed to take into account all the requirements.

For public spaces and waiting areas, beam seating is often the best solution and Rhubarb has one of the widest ranges available in the market. Some of our most popular multipurpose chairs can be beam configured and we also have a strong offering of specific beam seating. All in all, this range combines quality with cost-effectiveness and is designed throughout to meet the practical needs of public spaces from cleaning and maintenance to security and durability.


We'll do everything we can to make yours our next best project!